Monday, June 20, 2016

IFAMA Day One: By Maggie Kramer

Today was IFAMA day one!  IFAMA or International Food and Agribusiness Management Association hosts a week-long conference on agriculture and food management annually.  The conference includes a student case study along with symposiums, tours, and much more.  South Dakota State University was fortunate enough to compete in the case study competition with three teams today—two graduate teams and one undergraduate team.  Each of us worked diligently to apply what we’ve learned in our 3+ years at SDSU.  Teams were presented with a case study and given four hours to read, analyze, and recommend a solution before presenting their case to a panel of judges.  Presentations included 15 minutes of presenting our recommendations followed by a five-minute question and answer session.  The 2016 IFAMA case study competition focused on agricultural sustainability along with the debate over public or privately funded research.  SDSU students were able to present a unique case on this topic given our presence in the agribusiness world.   

After this daylong competition, the judges gathered and debated on which teams would advance to the final round of the case study competition—unfortunately the three SDSU teams did not advance. 

Following the IFAMA conference, the SDSU crew retired to the hotel for a night of rest.  We are looking forward to a day packed with symposiums and museums tomorrow.  Tomorrow night we head off for IFAMA’s “dinner with the danes” which allows participants to dine with a Danish family from Aarhus.

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