Thursday, June 16, 2016

We're on our way!

Our journey began at 9 AM this morning.  Everyone arrived on time and in good spirits!  Hopefully this trend continues.

I'm currently sitting in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport waiting for our first flight.  One thing I can already tell about this group is they will be great to travel with.  As a veteran of 10+ student travel trips/courses, my instincts have usually been correct.

Our first international location will be Copenhagen, Denmark.  We're scheduled to arrive around noon "tomorrow."  We'll immediately begin our travel experience with a tour of the city.  I'm looking forward to dinner, where Dr. Klein's freshman roommate (I won't ask what year!) is meeting us for dinner.

I'll continue to update the blog, but from time to time I'll relinquish authorship to the students on the trip.  


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